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We help women and gender minorities

learn about AI


Join 12,000+ members and learn the fundamentals of AI and how to apply it to solve problems 




Less than 26% of the AI workforce is women

"Why is this a problem?"

We have seen several incidents where the AI systems built had biases in them. 

As AI gets increasingly integrated into our lives, we are at a risk of perpetuating or replicating historical biases and power imbalances in these AI systems

AI for Her is a 501(c)(3) non profit organization on a mission to bring more women and gender minorities in AI. By reducing the AI diversity gap, we can bring more diverse perspectives, unique voices and individual experiences, 
helping build AI systems that are fair and unbiased. 


This will help ensure we are developing AI responsibly to benefit people and society while making sure no one is left behind.

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Anyone can learn Artificial Intelligence 

Get started with learning AI and key concepts today. Our resources and courses are free - and always will be! 

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Introduction to AI

What is AI, why is it important, and why do we need more diversity in AI  



Data Scientist Toolkit

Top books you need to learn and grow your career as a data scientist

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AI Mindset

Want to build your first AI product? Read this first to help you prepare



Top AI Resources

The world's largest open-source collection of AI resources for women, by women 

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Leading Women in AI

Learn from some of the leading women in the AI Industry today and their journeys



AI Literacy is Back: Cohort 2

Sign up for Cohort 2 of the live, virtual AI Literacy workshop for women

"You can't be what you can't see"

If you are currently working in AI or ML, we want to feature you and your journey to help others who want to move to the AI Industry learn about different AI Careers.

Be a role model that others can look up to  

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Our free resources are made possible by generous donors

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