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Improving the Gender Diversity Gap in AI 

Our Story

About Us - Our Story

Less than 25% of the AI workforce is women

"Why is this a problem?"

We have seen several incidents where the AI systems built had biases in them. 

As AI gets increasingly integrated into our lives, we are at a risk of perpetuating or replicating historical biases and power imbalances in these AI systems

By bringing more women and gender minorities in AI, we can bring in diverse perspectives, unique voices and individual experiences to build AI systems that are fair and unbiased. 


This will help ensure we are developing AI responsibly to benefit people and society.

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Join our Open Source project to create the world's largest directory of AI resources. We've listed the top 80+ (and growing) AI articles, courses, memes, newsletters. Add in your favorite AI resources and check out and vote for the existing ones


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We have curated the top books you will need to learn and grow your career as a data scientist. Download the resources for everything you will need from Mathematical concepts and R, Python, TensorFlow to practical hands-on projects.


AutoML Summit

AutoML helps simplify the use of machine learning in the real world by removing the manual effort and the need for human ML experts. The summit brings industry experts and leaders from around the world to share best practices and tools/frameworks on applying AutoML to solve real world applications

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"You can't be what you can't see"

If you are currently working in AI or ML, we want to feature you and your journey to help others who want to move to the AI Industry learn about different AI Careers.

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Our Team

Heena Purohit - Headshot.jpg

Heena Purohit

  • social-linkedin-circle-512

Lead Product Manager, IBM Watson IoT


Ellen Ward

  • social-linkedin-circle-512

Chief Innovation Officer, Elbridge.AI


Michelle Proskell

  • social-linkedin-circle-512

Founder, Netize.Net


Ketki Ambekar

  • social-linkedin-circle-512

 Data Scientist and Consultant, NJIT


Georgina Hodgkinson

  • social-linkedin-circle-512

Founder, Ask It Online & Tech Girls UK


Sonam Wangoo

  • social-linkedin-circle-512

AI Consultant, PwC



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