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The Launch Lab

Do you have a killer idea for a business?

Or do you have a side project you've always wanted to launch and scale? 

Or do you feel you want to live up to your potential and share your gifts with others?  

Are you ready to finally take your vision to the next level? 

AI for Her has launched the first AI-First incubator program, exclusively designed for self-starters like you. 

Our fully remote, 8-week program is here to take you through a transformative journey.

During this program, you will

  • Refine your concept

  • Establish continuous discovery practices 

  • Define a short-term and long-term product strategy

  • Practice rapid experimentation and low cost launches 


Introduction to AI
(An AI 101 Workshop)

Our flagship Introduction to AI course has been used to introduce 1000s of women to key AI concepts.
The workshop covers an introduction to AI, why AI is important, and why we need more diversity in AI.

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Data Scientist Toolkit

We have curated the top books you will need to learn and grow your career as a data scientist.


Download the resources for everything you will need from Mathematical concepts to practical hands-on projects in R, Python, TensorFlow


AI Mindset

Building your first AI/ML product? You won't just need technical skills, you'll also need an "AI Mindset”. This workshop covers 5 key areas you need to think about before you start building your AI/ML product

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Donate to improve AI Literacy

What we do at AI for Her is made possible through your donations. If you would like to support us, you can make a donation to AI for Her by visiting

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